Chata Kopanina

Walking trips

This region is ideal for the walking and hiking trips. A dense net of tourist paths leading to interesting places of the region and many possibilities for one or more days’ trips is an invitation for all the tourist willing to discover the beauty of our country.

Every tourist will agree that the best way to get know the area is to walk it through, ideally with someone who grew up there and knows the place by heart.

If you want your journey to go by quicker, try walking with Nordic Walking sticks. Our instructor will show you how to use them correctly to enjoy this swift and for the body very beneficial activity as much as possible.

Where to go from the Lodge Kopanina?

You can also set out from Malá Skála, where you can easily get by bus or train or park your car in the central parking lot. Go past Pizzeria to Pantheon, on the way you can visit a very popular lookout, where the whole Malá Skála lies open. Then continue along the ridge till you reach Frýdštejn, where you can visit the castle. From this point it’s only two kilometres to Kopanina, where you can treat yourself with an sundae with homemade whipped cream and renowned ice-cream. After you gain some strength back and you will be prepared to return back to Malá Skála, you can rent a scooter and reach the valley on two wheels. The journey to Malá Skála will take about half an hour and you will definitely enjoy it.

You can book a scooter for the downhill from Kopanina to Malá Skála by using this form.

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