Lodge Kopanina

The Hunting Lodge Kopanina by the legendary watching tower opened again.

About Chata Kopanina

If you're looking for a peaceful place in the countryside where you can wake up to a beautiful morning accompanied by the sound of birds and the rustle of the forest, you've come to the right place.

You will find the Kopanina Cottage on the Kopanina hill of the same name in the village of Pulečný in the Bohemian Paradise.

We currently offer accommodation, outdoor seating, a spacious garden with a fireplace and social areas. It is a perfect place for weddings, family celebrations or meetings of larger groups.


A story with a good ending

Since about 2010, we have been watching with concern what started to happen to the Kopanina Cottage, how various owners proceeded with the devastation of the building and how dismal the surroundings of the legendary hunting lodge started to look.
When information about the growing crime rate in the area was revealed, and when we saw the missing window panes, the destroyed floors and ceilings, the interior "beautified" with ghostly paintings on the walls, which were probably created during the drug sessions of the former owners, it was clear that Kopanina was not going to end well...

The new history of Kopanina Chalet began to be written in April 2015, when we decided to take part in the planned auction of this building and the adjacent land. It was an emotional decision, not a rational one. The relationship that our various colleagues and their extended families in the area had with Kopanina was purely nostalgic. Most of us, in fact, in our youth or teenage years, used to come here for Friday night parties, Sunday lunches, or just stopping by for an afternoon ice cream sundae, which was famous far and wide...

We successfully auctioned off the Kopanina Chalet and in mid-May we started a complete reconstruction of the building with the aim of opening it to the public, albeit in limited operation, by the end of June.

First, it was necessary to clear the piles of clutter, to remove large amounts of ruined furniture, piles of rubble or rags. It was certainly not necessary to remove the heating system, pipes, metal hatches or electrical wires in the wiring closet - these were completely missing from the building. The previous owners had not left a single metal object inside - everything apparently ended up in the salvage yard.After the roof, gutters and downpipes were repaired, the septic tank, the well and water pipes were repaired, new electrical wiring for the basement and the entire first floor, partial structural modifications, cleaning and disinfection, painting of walls and ceilings, repair of the hall, floors and windows, sanding and painting of the facade...and then the decorative elements and furniture, the new bar and interior, the landscaping of the Cottage and gardening... well - it was a lot in the month we had for the reconstruction.

But it all worked out in the end and we managed to open the Kopanina Cottage by the end of June.We still lacked a large full kitchen and accommodation on the upper floors...

In 2017 we finished the reconstruction of the first floor and the attic. Kopanina now offers accommodation for 30 people, in two spacious suites and in attic rooms.

On July 21, 2017, we had our first wedding in the new era at Kopanina Chalet and from the droning phone and emails we received from you at the time, it was clear that our wedding at Kopanina would not be our last.

We look forward to your visit and thank you for your support.


Opening hours:

Dear guests, at the moment we only cook for guests and larger groups.
Thank you for your understanding.

For a quick refreshment during your trips you can use the solitary point next to the Kopanina Cottage.

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