In the Lodge is also a newly opened information centre, where you can seek information about the Bohemian Paradise, especially about the region of Malá Skála. The Lodge Kopanina is a new branch of the Sundisk Family rental, which has its main base in Žlutá Plovárna in Malá Skála. We will provide you with information about when to catch the next bus, what is the best way to Dolánky or where to buy the best beer or ice-cream.

The information centre also sells postcards, wander cards and stamps, maps for hiking and bicycle touring or books about the Bohemian Paradise. You can also busy there drinks (Coca Cola, Sprite, Cappy Juice, water,…), energy gels and bars, sweets (lollipops, gummy snakes, wafers,…) or Kitl herbal syrups.

Assortment of the information centre:

For tourists

Postcard 5 CZK
Panoramic postcard 10 CZK
3D Postcard 35 CZK
Wander card 12 CZK
Memory stamp 30 CZK
Wander book 50 CZK
Map of Czech paradise region 100 CZK
Mapa of Malá Skála region 60 CZK
Tourist guide 100 CZK
Walking stick guide 20 CZK

Other assortment

Book – Ponds of the Bohemian Paradise 200 CZK
Book – Nature of the Bohemian Paradise 200 CZK
Book – Rocks of the Bohemian Paradise 200 CZK
Life jacket 130 CZK
Calendar 125 CZK
Coloring book 12 CZK
Glass bell 79 CZK

Energy for sportsmen

BE BE Dobré ráno biscuit 15 CZK
Tatranka wafer 10 CZK
Fidorka wafer 13 CZK
Brumík sponge biscuit 10 CZK
Gummy snake 5 CZK
Gummy mouse 5 CZK
Lollipop 5 CZK
Enervit multivitamin candy 20 CZK
Enervit ENERGY TIME (bar) 40 CZK
Enervit POWER CRUNCHY (40g) 50 CZK
Enervit POWER SPORT (bar) 30 CZK
Enervit Sport Gel (25 ml) 45 CZK
Enervit GT Sport tablets, lemon
10 CZK
Enervit MAGNESIUM sport instant drink (15 g) 25 CZK
Enervit G sport instant drink (15 g) 25 CZK


Šláftruňk 110 CZK
Meducínka 115 CZK
Životabudič 125 CZK
Medovina 45 CZK
Syrob (elder, ginger) 125 CZK

Opening hours:



Mon-Thu | only for accomodated guests

Fri | 16:00 - 19:00

Sat, Sun| 10:00 - 19:00



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