Do you want to try the scooters but are not sure where to go? Get some advice on the website of Žlutá plovárna, where are the trips on scooters described according to the length of the journey. You can find there tips for the whole or half a day trips or journeys for under one hour. See the guide here.

Are you thinking of renting a scooter but are not willing to toil so much? Use our Downhill centre Lodge Kopanina, where you can be transported by a minibus running on a regular schedule. You can buy here some snacks, or have a sip of Cola or lemonade before you set up on the journey. Then you just have to choose one out of eight routes leading down to the valley of Jizera. Just don’t forget to enjoy all the famous and beautiful panoramas of Malá Skála on your way down.

We hope that you will choose from our offer and if not, we will advise you the best route according to your requests and current situation, with taking the time and difficulty into account.

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Dear guests, at the moment we only cook for guests and larger groups.
Thank you for your understanding.



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