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Name Track Lenght Difficulty High-altitude Description
1. Blue Kopanina – Dolánky 9,9 km Medium

– asphalt path leading near to Bartošova pec

2. Red Kopanina – Žlutá plovárna 6,6 km Easy – downhill on asphalt with beatiful sights on Krkonoše ans Suché Skály
3. Yellow
Kopanina – Žlutá plovárna 9,9 km Very easy

– downhill path under the castles Frýdštejn and Vranov with sights on Trosky

4. Purple Kopanina – Dolánky 10,3 km Medium

– asphalt with breathtaking sights on Maloskalsko and Czech paradise
– first follow blue track, then yellow and then purple

5. Orange Kopanina – Žlutá plovárna 7,8 km Hard

– asphalt to Líšný through Mukařov and then follow Greenway Jizera which leads you to Žlutá plovárna
– use red path, then orange

6. Green Žlutá plovárna – Dolánky 7,9 km Medium

– cyclopath Greenway Jizera in the river Jizera valley
– possible backwards

7. Black Kopanina – Dolánky 4,4 km Very hard

– paths in the forrest with no asphalt. Not reccommended to begginers
– using red path and then black

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