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Walking + scooter

Everyone sometimes wants to take trips for more days and experience some adventures. That’s why we prepared for you a few tips what can you do in the region of Malá Skála.

Two days on boat:

From Malá Skála to Březina

OUR TIP: Stay overnight in the Camp Dolánky u Turnova and use grills, which are located here for the visitors.

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TIP: You can combine the trip on boats with walking back. Go for example to Mnichovo Hradiště and then walk back through Drábské světničky to Žlutá plovárna. You can spend the night for example in Příšovice or in the new camp Dolánky u Turnova.

Walking + scooter

Go from Kopanina to Železný Brod, where you can visit the local museum. From Brod walk to the direction of Suché Skály, the main dominant of the whole area of Malá Skála. There is a path going past the rocks, which will lead you to the top of them and you can see the beautiful panoramas of the region. From Suché Skály walk to the valley to Žlutá plovárna, where you can sleep either in a tent, or in the Tourist Lodging house “U Tlusťocha”. If you want, you can spend your free time there by playing volleyball, futnet, table tennis or petanque. You can also visit the rope centre and try one of the programmes.

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On the second day go on scooters to Dolánky u Turnova. You can rest on your way in the Guest house in Křížky and have ice-cream or lunch. In Dolánky, you can visit a branch of the Museum in Turnov called Dlaskův statek or rent in-line skates and have fun in the local in-line centre. The next stop can be the Rohozec Chateau or local brewery, with many types of beers from the Rohozec brand. If you still have time, visit Chateau Sychrov, which is a very popular place in the Bohemian Paradise.

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