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Are you interested in going from the top of the hill via the new asphalt road to the valley of the Jizera River and enjoy the views on the Bohemian Paradise around you? If so, try the downhill on scooters from Kopanina! One starting place and three final destinations - you can return the scooter anywhere. What's more, we will always drive you back to Kopanina.
In June 2015 we will open the Lodge Kopanina and in addition to the information centre and refreshment you can look forward to the marked downhill to the valley of the Jizera River with the possibility to be transported by the minibus back to Kopanina.

1) Parking directly at Kopanina

You can park your car directly by the Lodge Kopanina. There you will rent a scooter and go downhill via the signposted routes to the Information centre in Malá Skála, located by the central parking lot, or to Guesthouse Křížky or Camp Dolánky. Here you will hand in the scooter and if you don’t have enough strength to walk back, you can take our microbus back to Kopanina.

2) Parking in Camp Dolánky

Camp Dolánky is an ideal starting point for your trip. Park your car here, go to bus station nearby or take our microbus directly to the Lodge Kopanina. There you just choose your route, rent a scooter from our rental and set out for a trip! You can reach Camp Dolánky by going either through Frýdštejn (40 min.) or through Malá Skála and via the Greenway Jizera cycle path, a beautiful flatland. You can also liven up your journey by changing the means of transport! In Žlutá Plovárna in Malá Skála you can exchange the scooter for a boat and go down the river up to Dolánky (2h.)

3) Parking by the Information centre in the central parking lot in Malá Skála

By the central parking lot in Malá Skála is located our Information centre. Park your car here, refresh yourself and wait for the microbus, which will take you directly to the hilltop Kopanina. There you will choose a scooter and a suitable route for the downhill and set out for a romantic trip. You will hand in the scooter in the information centre and then continue with your own programme.

*****OUR TIP

Park your car in Camp Dolánky and take a microbus to Kopanina. From there choose one of the routes leading to Žlutá plovárna, where you can in advance book canoes or rafts and pick them up when you come there on scooters. Then, you will go down the Jizera River up to the Guest house Křížky, where you can have a lunch and afterwards get on the boats again and paddle to Dolánky, where you hand in the boats and go to pick up your car.

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